Momentary Interruption of Services


Here goes a little explanation about what happened...

0day is back!! :)

0day (our major uploader) is back and in the next 24h everything will be back to the normality. All scene releases from the previous 14 days will be shared separately in the website in will later placed together in an Alfafile folder for you to download them all at once.

What happened?

0day took a 2 week vacation after posting non-stop on Audiok for 3 straight years. 0day well deserved this vacation. Sorry for not announcing but 0day didn't knew how long would be the vacation period and didn't warned me.

Friendly greetings,

We changed our captcha provider! (UPDATE)

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We changed our captcha provider!

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New email domains allowed

Registrations open for 48h

As you know registrations on AudioK are open day 1 of each month. Due to a change on the website last update, registrations weren't automatically opened on 1 October 2017, for the supposed 24h periud.

We only noticed it now, so we just opened registrations and they will be open for a period of 48 hours to compensate those that tried to register an account with us on day 1 of October 2017.

Thank you to the user that reported it to us via email, and thank you all for your understanding.

Personal contact form available for all users


Just to inform that all users can have a personal contact form available on the profile page. This new feature is available for some time but after we include it we didn't made a public announce, so old users that didn't edited their profile may not be aware of it.

This Contact Form will allow you to receive messages from other users directly to your email address so you don't need to login on AudioK to read them. Your email address is ALWAYS hidden and AudioK administration will not interact within this communication.

Reuploads on AudioK (UPDATE)

Yet another new way to request reuploads on AudioK

Battle For The Net (Please Read)

AudioK Partnership Campaign

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AudioK New Friend Status Whitelist Feature (IMPORTANT PLEASE READ)

AudioK Under Maintenance

Our server was down today and it's totally my fault. I'm implementing some new stuff to better secure this website, including some other ongoing features to further enhance your privacy, but didn't noticed there was an issue with my original code.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Messages Limits Raised

AudioK's Advanced Search

AudioK is for sale!


I want to say thanks to everyone that supported our project in the last years. However, due to the amount of time and resources required to have a website of this kind, I unfortunatelly announce that I can no longer support it.

I hope that someone will purchase this project and keep improving this community.

Vault 7: Project Dark Matter

AudioK Request Function and Section

Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed

Cloudflare's HTTPS Traffic Leak

Some Website Updates Available


Some things are already publicly available. I still need to fine tune some things which I will make in the next couple of days. The Forum and Chat are not ready yet but you already have the link to the Forum available in the User Menu (on the left).

I will make an announce later, when everything it's finished. Please allow some time so you can get accustomed to the new theme. If you don't like something make a comment and I will see if I can change it. If you encounter an error please comment and I will fix it.

AudioK is being changed

It's just to inform that I'm currently changing some things on the website. If you see something removed (like voting system) rest assured that it's on purpose. Later there will be an announce about all of it.

Friendly greetings,
Key Team

reCaptcha fixed

Thanks to those commenting about the error of invalid reCaptcha.

We have a new domain and I totally forgot to update the reCaptcha keys with the domain. Sorry for the late fix but I was offline all day and mods do not have access to it.

Remember that registered users do not see reCaptcha.

We have a new domain

We have a new addition to our domain list. Bookmark both because if one stops working for some reason then you have the backup.

Our official domains are:

Follow us on Twitter:

Uploaded and Nitroflare Blacklisted

Goodbye Uploaded

AlfaFile is here!

Security and Tracking

Today we took the initiative to give you more insight about the privacy policy at AudioK, the n.º 1 leading in privacy.

System message: We're Updating

System Message: NitroFlare dropped