Last modified: 22 July 2017


We have zero tolerance, please be polite and professional. You cannot spam, offend any user, or commit anything with selfish or malicious intentions. If you misbehave, with or without reason, you will be immediately banned without notice. Always talk via personal messages about the issues you may have with the necessary users or contact one of our moderators to solve your issue.

This website is implementing latest W3C specifications, this means HTML5 and CSS3 with 100% valid markup.

We recommend you use the latest version of Chrome, Safari or Firefox. If you use an outdated browser version, or the Internet Explorer, you should update or change immediately for a safe and secure experience. We do not support outdated browsers, or the Internet Explorer, hence you may get layout errors.


All accounts without activity within a period of 3 months will be deleted, this action is automatic and is not reversible. If this happens, then your only option is to create another one because we cannot recover it. This measure was implemented to free resources for active users and to make sure your account or status is not deleted you just need to login every 3 months at least one time.

Friend status have 1 year inactivity period before being deleted.

If you want to delete your account go to your Profile page and click "Edit", scroll down and click "Cancel account". Follow the instructions sent to the e-mail address that you used to register your account.

Staff Members




Member Status


  • The inception.


  • Access to public and private contents;
  • Special sections to moderators.


  • Scene groups with access to public and private contents;
  • No moderation;
  • Group's dedicated forum.


  • Access to public and private contents;
  • Post without moderation;
  • Comment without moderation.


  • Access to public and private contents;
  • Post with moderation;
  • Comment without moderation.


  • Access to public contents;
  • Post with moderation;
  • Comment without moderation.


  • Not registered in the website;
  • Access to public contents;
  • Can comment anonymously.


We do support reuploads of releases already posted in the website, in four different ways:

1) If you don't have an AudioK account, you can ask a reupload by commenting "reupload". Do not write anything else or you may not have the reupload because when you write just "reupload" in your comment, our api will automatically flag your comment and send a message to our reuploaders.

2) If you have an AudioK account, you can use previous method by commenting just "reupload" but you can also ask for a reupload by pressing the reupload button located on the side of the post. Take into consideration that if you press the reupload button the reuploading process is totally with the original author of the post and the author may not be able to reupload the file for you. AudioK administration does not interact within this communication. So if you don't have a reupload when pressing the reupload button you can always comment "reupload" and we will take care of your repload.

3) If you have an AudioK account, you can also ask for a reupload by making a Request and in that request you can just write "reupload" and include the AudioK link of the post you want reuploaded.

4) Alternatively, if you have an AudioK account, you can always contact the post author yourself and personally ask the reupload. Go to the user profile and click on the envelope icon bellow the user's profile picture.


In our perspective, you should make your comments engaging and allow other members to learn from you. We comment basically to exchange information. So, we advise that everyone should be mindful to make their comments related to the topic discussed. Think before saying something, if you don't have anything to say don't comment. Comments are for feedback about the quality of the post, to ask and give help, or express reports about the release.

Non-informative comments with just "thanks", "good", "awesome", etc. will be regularly deleted if they do not offer subjective or constructive knowledge which other users can learn from.

Don't hijack posts by placing mirrors to the releases, we will delete the comments and your account without notice. We do not support that because we believe every author should have the opportunity to have a blog, and by hijack other's posts you are removing the author's set of circumstances like time/occasion/moment used to construct the blog from which we all can enjoy. If you want you can have your own blog but don't take advantage of others users time or efforts.

Don't flame wars in comments, we will delete the comments and your account without notice.

Add News

When you submit news you will receive a pre-formated post template with the fields for you to customise. You just need to double-click and paste your info in the proper fields, everything else is taken cared by us.

This pre-formated template is useful to give AudioK an uniform and solid appearance, making things easier and more user friendly. Please try to not escape as much as you can to the pre-formated post template. The more the posts are similar the better. If you have doubts, look to the posts from other users and try to learn from them. You can also contact any moderator and they will help you.

Posting Conditions

When posting you always must follow this conditions:

  • Don't post DUPES. Before submitting news please use the search box to see if it is already in the website.
  • Release images cannot be uploaded, you must use another public service to host them like imgur, postimage, imageshack, tinypic, and others...
  • All images will automatically be resized, so don't lose your time resizing bigger images, everything is automatic saving you time and you can link any size you want. ; )
  • We do not allow music albums or any kind of artist contents. AudioK praises to be a audio resource only, to give you the opportunity to make a test or really evaluate the product before buying your audio contents.
  • FREE and Open Source content are obligated to have official developer links for both homepage and download contents. You will be banned if you don't post developer links in this type of releases. You can also include your backup links, but you're not allowed to post FREE contents only with your sharing links, you can however post FREE stuff only with the developer links.
  • All posts are obligated to have the official developer website homepage.
  • Do not use UPPERCASE text in the titles or in the post text.
  • You cannot post private links in "Secret Section" only. For you to post links in "Secret Section" you must also post public links.
Allowed Hosting Services

All links must use AlfaFile.net

You can include links to other services but Alfafile is our only requirement.

Not Allowed Hosting Services
  • Uploaded.net (installs malware in user's computers trough ads)
  • Nitroflare.com (installs malware in user's computers trough ads)
  • Oboom.com (stole from affiliates in the past and presently spam lies about concurrency)

We also do not allow under any circumstance any link pointing to any kind of Ad services. Normally those offer money to shorten links, some examples include:

  • adf.ly
  • ouo.io
  • adfoc.us
  • shorte.st

You cannot use ANY services showing ads in the pages were you show your links because they spam user's browsers, crashing it, installing malware, or simply annoying the users. If you want to post your links trough third party services you must use services without any kind of ads.

Release Categories

Carefully select appropriate section to your post. To select multiple categories press "CTRL / CMD" and click with the mouse in all the categories you need. The "Category" is a required field when you're submitting news:

  • Mac - Mac only section, e.g. Applications, AU, VST, RTAS, etc.
  • Win - Windows only section, e.g. Applications, VST, RTAS, etc.
  • Linux - Linux only section, e.g. Applications, VST, LADSPA, DSSI, LV2, etc.
  • Mobile - Mobile apps section, e.g. Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, etc.
  • Samples - Sample packs containing individual files, e.g. WAV, REX, AIFF, AKAI, etc.
  • Kontakt - Section for Kontakt libraries only.
  • reFill - Section for reFill libraries only.
  • Elastik - Section for Elastik libraries only.
  • MIDI - Section for MIDI libraries only, or sample packs also containing MIDI files.
  • Presets - Section for presets and patches to use in synths and applications.
  • DAW Templates - Section for DAW's project templates.
  • Multitrack / Acapella - Section for projects stems and acapellas.
  • Tutorials - Educational video tutorials.
  • Magazines - Electronic magazines.
  • eBooks - Electronic versions of a printed books.
  • Movies - All kinds of movies and documentaries related with audio, music or artists.
  • Tools - Useful utilities that somehow can make life easier.
  • Skins - Section for Plugins or DAW skins.
  • Icons - Section for icons.
  • Fun - Section for fun extra stuff.

Please do not use the acronym PC to describe Windows. Most uneducated persons use PC to describe Windows, but PC means Personal Computer. A PC can use Windows, macOS or Linux software. This can be very confusing so please try to use the proper names:
PC = Personal Computer
Win= Windows
Mac = macOS
Linux = Linux

How To Become AudioK Contributor

You can submit your news after registering in the website. If you want to bypass moderation, know that if a regular member is polite and trustable, manifesting the willingness to index contents with us with various posts, that user will be rewarded with better status offering more autonomy.

If you already are a contributor of AudioK you can invite a friend to join the same status. However, if that member is banned or removed from the status you will also be downgraded. So, think very well before inviting or referring someone. To invite a friend to have your status you just need to contact one of our moderators with the details.


Yes, it takes time, resources, patience, cost and most of all love to do all of this... Some of our contributors and moderators have been asked by PayPal accounts and Ref links in the past but we strongly discourage that.

If you give "us" your donation then the developers would not receive it... creating a hole in the equation. When you make hole within a hole you only have a bigger argument so we think the best donation you can make is to support the developers. Buy their products, visit their websites, be active in forums (Gearslutz Forum, KVR Forum, Vi-Control Forum, and others), ask features, offer feedback and opinions.

After all of that activity and support to the developers, if you still think you missed something and want to support us for helping you to test bogus products, bad products, products that don't even allow you to test them by the non-existence of official demo or taster pack, you can give your donation directly to AudioK by using the donation page: Donate.


AudioK administration reserves the right to change or alter this "FAQ" at any time without notice.

We regularly check website contents, if you post spam or malicious content you will be immediately banned without notice.