P2P | January 7 2017 | 26.3 MB

Painstakingly modeled behaviour and recreation of the general ballistics of classic VU meters.

Contains three metering modes: VU, RMS and PPM DIN (Type I).

The RMS mode can be set to K-12, K-14 and K-20 scales and offers an integrated peak bar-graph. The Meter ballistics are fully customizable. The VU even has a unique overshoot parameter. VUMT offers dedicated trim controls to make gain staging easy. GUI-resizing and various options to hide the controls from the GUI and show the meters only and/or a single meter display.

In addition to all the features of the standard version VUMT deluxe offers more metering types (BBC, DIN, Nordic) plus various channel tools, such as Mute and Polarity reverse buttons, a monitor section and the following signal processing tools:

HighPass and LowPass Filters, a single band dynamic EQ with various filter types, useful to remove resonances or for de-essing and a mono maker to narrow the stereo image below a certain frequency.

On top of that, each skin VUMT deluxe offers an additional contrasting GUI for the VU itself.

Eight different skins to choose from. An editable instance label.

VUMT deluxe costs 22 €.


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