SYNTHiC4TE | January 10 2017 | 237 kB

Next phase of Leap Into The Void sounddesign for u-he Bazille.

Locus Odyssey for u-he Bazille is a collection that contains sequences, soundscapes, atmospheres, gentle, expressive keys, leads, basses, pads with evolvement, disturbance, feedback, fresh winds, peace and rumbling obscurity.

An odyssey of essences and colors of plural. A multitude of sequences based on Bazille's plethora of modulation options, from subtle to dramatic to noisy and distorted to pure electronic to experimental. Suited for cinematic composing, ambient, experimental, electronic, industrial, sound installations, minimalistic music, noise, film/tv or games composing.

The logical next phase of Leap Into The Void sounddesign for u-he Bazille.


  • 103 presets.
  • Vast sound shaping, expression and coloring possibilities using assigned velocity, modhweel, xpression and breath.
  • Detailed patchlist with comments and descriptions of each sound.
  • Bazille 1.0 required.


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