Team R2R | December 27 2016 | 26 MB

Harmonic distortion is at the center of an exciting sound.

All the REmatrix impulse responses were created using various amounts of harmonic distortion processed through sophisticated audio effect chains of custom outboard gear. In Drive Blast there are some extreme uses of harmonic distortion, and all the included IRs have been heavily processed to achieve unparalleled thick sounds.

The 100 Impulse Responses are available in two versions:

  • T-Type (with prevalence of 3 rd order harmonics – a “tape” sound)
  • V-Type (with prevalence of 2 nd order harmonics – a “valve” sound)

What’s the difference between these two types?

  • T-Type
    • Wide
    • Clean and transparent
    • More impact
    • Focused on the sides
  • V-Type
    • Smooth
    • Center focused
    • Rich mid-range
    • Solid low end

Mixing V-Type and T-Type IRs together allows thousands of unique combinations of reverbs, from extremely creamy and warm to more nuanced effects; this makes Drive Blast an essential expansion for REmatrix users.


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