Pro Audio Files Matthew Weiss Mixing Background Vocals TUTORiAL-FANTASTiC
FANTASTiC | 13 Mar 2019 | 625 MB

Matt reveals his best tips, tricks and techniques for mixing different types of background vocals. Learn to mix doubles, harmonies, ad-libs and more, sitting them perfectly in a mix without clutter or clashing.

•Effective processing techniques for various types of background vocals
•Tips and tricks for differentiating lead vocals from background vocals
•Effective use of EQ, reverb, delay, de-essing, compression and more
•Mix background vocals to reinforce and compliment your lead vocal
•Prevent multiple vocal layers from tonally and dynamically clashing
•Set perfect levels for lead vocals, doubles, harmonies and ad-libs
•Use multiband compression to fine-tune your vocal sound
•Manipulate the weight and tone of vocals while avoiding clutter
•Bring out the essence of harmonies, both individually and as a whole
•Use compression to manipulate the perceived depth of your vocals
•Use notch filters to locate and destroy unnecessary tones
•Manipulate the tone, clarity and texture of vocal stacks


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